A ‘Zoom’ School | Priyadarshini Verma

by Critical Asia

by Priyadarshini Verma, Dec. 2021】

Hello? Hello? Can you guys hear me?
Is my screen sharing? Can everyone see me?

Kids, turn on your cameras please!
Use the raise hand feature on Zoom, jeez!

Ryan, your video is frozen, are you online?
Aiden, common, the lesson starts at nine!

How come your network is always weak?
No, replying to your teacher doesn’t make you a geek!

Who is Lalu ki Tapri? Please, use your real names!
Yes, we will play Kahoot, Quizlet Live and some more games!

Can someone teach me how to create a breakout room?
To learn the past tense, we will now watch a Powtoon.

How did you add that background, Avani?
Avantika, that is enough emojis, honey!

Guys, remember to use your school email;
Else your login attempts are bound to fail.

Is that your Insta account you’re checking out?
Really, you’re paying attention! I doubt!

No, Google translate will not be accepted.
These short-cuts are definitely misdirected!

The pandemic doesn’t allow for marks to be ‘just given’
Exam.net will be used, that is certain!

I feel like I am the only one present here.
All my students, as black boxes, appear!

A full academic year, can you believe, we spent virtually!
I am not sure, I would even recognise you all, really!

How am I doing? Are you all understanding the lessons?
I am concerned if there is any success in your progressions.

This is a new world for me, I am old school.
Trying my best, to not appear, as an online fool.

I hope you know I am your teacher and guide.
Knowledge, advice and support, I shall provide.

You may not always feel that it’s fair.
I don’t blame you. It isn’t, I am aware.

Grown-ups don’t always get it, I know.
A teenager’s smile doesn’t always show.

I see you being brave and strong.
And making sure you don’t go wrong.

As you navigate this confusing time,
Measuring the mountains, you are supposed to climb

Remember the old saying,
Even if it seems boring

Don’t worry, we are all here for you
And we will, together, get through!

Priyadarshini Verma, Oberoi International School, India

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Vrunda 2022-02-11 - 16:42

So well written! A slice of this new world we’re living in, tempered with The Sorting Hat-ish humour👏👏👏

Sheethal Raj 2022-02-14 - 20:01

Tres bien!…That’s very much relatable. And a so nice to read also…👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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